Your Data Privacy Solutions Partner

Why Axis?

How We Work

There is a proliferation of security products on the market and everyone promises to solve your data privacy problems without really explaining how. Clients ultimately discover the tools are only a piece of the solution.

Data Privacy Process Design

Data privacy products have become more powerful and easier to use, but that does not mean you can just buy a product and be successful. What data is sensitive, who uses it, where is it stored, how do I protect it? You need a method to address the madness that surrounds data privacy and that is where our Data Privacy Process Design comes in.

Data Privacy Implementation

Once you have a Data Privacy Process in place, you need deep knowledge of the data privacy products to know how to implement a secure, scalable, and repeatable solution. Many clients purchase a data privacy product and implement it using what resembles a trial and error approach. Successful Axis implementations leverage the products strengths to speed up deployments that work right the first time.

Data Privacy as a Service

Axis clients need data privacy to support their business, not be their business. Once the initial implementation is complete, Axis provides expert solutions and resources to reduce resource bottlenecks and accelerate your data security program by securing additional applications, automating secure data provisioning, developing custom algorithms, and addressing new business requirements.