GDPR Compliance

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Comply with GDPR “Data Protection by Design and by Default” with Axis's GDPR Data Protection Solution


Data Privacy is an enhancing technology that allows companies to meet one of the key requirements of the GDPR “Privacy by Design and by Default”. It provides Controllers a mechanism to ensure that real personal data is not processed in non-production environments. Below are a few important notes to remember about GDPR:

  • If your company is processing data of EU residents, GDPR applies to you!
  • Non-compliance can result in severe penalties of up to 4% of worldwide revenue!

Companies must protect personal data including names, addresses, photos, e-mails, bank details, posts on social networking sites, medical information, and IP addresses in their production and non-production environments.

What does the Axis GDPR solution include?

The Axis GDPR Solution is a four-part solution that uses a repeatable data privacy process to secure personal data in non-production environments and a customizable Right to Be Forgotten solution for production environments. This service offering was specifically designed to meet GDPR requirements.

1. GDPR Process Design

The Axis team will identify all data processing applications that store or transmit EU personal data and define a roadmap to implement Privacy by Design using Data Privacy and other technology as needed.

2. GDPR Data Protection

Once all the sensitive data has been identified during the assessment, an integrated, repeatable, agile masking process using Delphix Masking is implemented and all personal data in non-production is protected.

3. GDPR Right to be Forgotten

A project to implement a customizable Right to be Forgotten solution for your production environments leveraging the work done for non-production.

4. GDPR Technical Support Service

Axis provides a service-level agreement to perform ongoing technical support for masking and on-boarding of applications to meet GDPR requirements.

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