Data privacy needs evolve as you do

Your Organizations Guide to Data Privacy

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The Journey Starts Here:

The Data Privacy as a Service – Package is a three-year engagement designed to walk you through data privacy.

Year 1: Protect 101

  • Name 
  • Phone Number
  • Birth Data & Other data 
  • Credit Card Number
  • Bank Account Number 
  • Internal Sequence Key
  • Custom fields 
  • Customer ID
  • SSN/National Identifiers
  • Account Number
  • Email

Year 2: Automate and Extend

  • Employee ID
  • Corproate ID 
  • Salary Benefits
  • Family Data
  • Manager Data 
  • Cost Center Data 
  • HR (termination, personnel issues) 

Year 3: Proactive Risk Identification and Management

  • Vendor Data 
  • Security Identifiers (CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL)
  • Other Identifiers (NAV, Type of Security)
  • Assets/holding
  • Comment Fields
  • Name
  • Number
  • Activity (account balances, transactions, trade data)
  • Financial (price, quantity, legal fees, vendor payments)  

We use your masking tool or our masking tool 

We will then work on automating your current masking process and extend what is masked 

We will then mask this data while discovering other PII locations using the C2 Discover.

year 1 protection 101
Year 2 automate and extend
year 3 proactive risk identification and management