GDPR Compliance

General Data Protection Regulation

Do you know if you need to follow the GDPR compliance? GDPR is a stringent set of data regulations, requiring companies to protect and secure the digital privacy of EU citizens and residents. To ensure that you don’t get tackled by a penalty, we will assist you to comply with GDPR.

GDPR applies to…
Applies to all companies processing the personal data of EU and residents and carries significant financial penalties for violations of it. If your company is processing data of EU residents, GDPR applies to you!
Consider … to comply
Data protection principles by design and by default, in the design of any new product/service/activity; What personal information will it collect? How can they minimalize its data collection? How can they secure its data collection?
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How Axis can help follow GDPR Compliance

The Axis GDPR Solution uses a repeatable data privacy process to secure personal data in non-production environments and a customizable Right to Be Forgotten solution for production environments. This service offering was specifically designed to meet GDPR requirements.

GDPR Process Design

Define the roadmap to implement Privacy by Design using data security

GDPR Data Protection

Personal data in non-production environments are protected with the implementation of Delphix Masking’s integrated and repeatable masking process.

GDPR Right to Be Forgotten

Implement a custom, configurable Right to Be Forgotten solution across your data environments.

GDPR Technical Support Service 

Axis can provide ongoing technical support and maintenance for application onboarding and data masking to ensure GDPR Compliance.

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