In response Axis is excited to announce our Data Masking Technical Support Service.  This complete, cost-effective solution has two key components.  The first is the application on-boarding stage and the second is an annual service to maintain existing masking jobs and onboard new applications.


The goal of the Technical Support Service is to provide clients with an end-to-end masking solution that includes application on-boarding, masking and transition to BAU ( business as usual). Axis offloads work from your DBA team and since we specialize in data masking and do it every day we can address your challenges quickly.

We use Delphix Dynamic Data Platform for masking and virtualization to quickly provision masked data to your teams either on-demand or on a schedule.

What does the Axis Technical Support Service include?

The Axis Data Masking Technical Support Service takes the complexity out of masking by creating a repeatable data masking process to secure your client, customer and personal data in non-production environments.

Axis has refined this solution with many clients over the last decade. Our proven solution includes two phases:

  • Application On-boarding ( critical to understanding the data landscape)
    • Identify the sensitive data, create algorithms and produce an integrated, repeatable masking process that is applied to all the in-scope applications.
    • Our team will configure the Delphix Data Platform to support the Technical Support Service
  • Masking Managed Service
    • Clients simply reach out to Axis via phone, email or help desk and request a masking job be performed.
    • Based on the request and service-level agreement Axis will onboard, mask and provision the data that has been requested.

The Axis Masking Technical Support Service can be customized to handle anything from small to larger scale environments as required.

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