SAP is a world leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.  A number of the modules store sensitive personal data and the applications have a large and complex data model.  Our solution includes the following:
  • Fixed price service offering covering small to medium sized SAP installations
  • Uses Axis proprietary SAP masking tools and templates


SAP primary function is to manage enterprise resources and as such it contains a lot of sensitive personal data about employees, customers and vendors. It is often heavily customized to meet a company’s needs which requires ongoing development and testing teams that can be located offshore.

Rather than risk having a data breach of some of their most sensitive personal information companies have a requirement to mask SAP data before using it in non-production environments.

What is included in the SAP Data Masking Solution?

  • Project Planning – Interview key stakeholders to understand corporate security policies and Peoplesft customizations
  • Data Onboarding – Configure Delphix Masking based on client’s corporate security policies and Axis SAP templates
  • Masking – Axis masks your core SAP tables as well as any agreed upon custom tables, iterating as needed.
  • Masking Validation – Axis works with your team to validate the data has been successfully masked
  • Documention – Axis will provide a detailed report with a description of what data has been masked and how to rerun the masking as needed.
Axis 5-step Masking Process
Data Masking Process

Data Masking Process

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