A complete solution that includes setting up your existing data security policy in Delphix Masking and Profiling and Masking of up to five (5) applications ( Oracle, SQLServer and flat files)


Axis has been building custom masking solutions for large financial and healthcare institutions since 2004. This service offering is designed to help clients get their masking program delivering measureable results by

  • Configuring the product based on their unique requirements
  • Selecting the product features best suited to their environment
  • Creating a customized repeatable masking process that is integrated into the client’s development cycle.

What is covered?

  • Security Policy Definition – Define the clients existing security policy in the Delphix Masking Profiler.
  • Interviews – Axis interviews key stakeholders
  • Application Profiling – Axis will Profile the five (5) applications and validate the results with the client.
  • Application Masking – Axis will mask the five (5) applications and get customer signoff.
  • Deployment Report – Axis will document what was accomplished, lessons learned and recommended next steps

The Data Masking Pilot focuses on creating a repeatable data masking process to secure personal data in non-production environments with a focus on meeting your corporate data security requirements.

Axis 5-step Masking Process

Data Masking Process

Data Masking Process

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