Many companies in financial services and healthcare have mainframe systems.  They run mission critical business applications that contain sensitive customer information that must be masked


Many established companies have made signifigant investments in building custom software applications that are critical to their business on Mainframe platforms.  These applications are often the system of record for customer information.  Therefore it is critical that the data be masked whenever it is moved to a non-production environment.

Axis specializes in masking VSAM, DB2  and mainframe file data. Picking the right tools and techniques to use depends as much on mainframe environment as the masking tool itself.  This service offering is designed to help show clients how quickly Axis can mask their mainframe data.

What is included in the Mainframe Data Masking Solution?

  • Project Planning – Interview key stakeholders to understand corporate security policies and mainframe environment
  • Data Onboarding – Configure Delphix Masking based on client’s corporate security policies and Axis Mainframe templates
  • Masking – Axis masks Mainframe data, iterating as needed.
  • Masking Validation – Axis works with your team to validate the data has been successfully masked and applications work.
  • Documention – Axis will provide a detailed report with a description of what data has been masked and how to rerun the masking as needed.

Axis 5-step Masking Process

Data Masking Process

Data Masking Process

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