The Axis GDPR Data Protection solution is designed to help companies comply with GDPR requirements specifically “Data Protection by Design and by Default”


Data Masking is a Privacy-Enhancing Technology that allows companies to meet one of the key requirements of the GDPR, Privacy by Design and by Default. It provides Controllers a mechanism to ensure that real personal data is not processed in non-production environments.

The goal of GDPR is to give control of personal data to EU residents. In order to achieve this companies must demonstrate they meet the GDPR requirements of

  • Data protection by design and by default.
  • Accountability and Consent
  • Appointment of Data Protection Officer
  • Pseudonymisation (encryption)
  • Data breach notification
  • Right to erasure and Data portability

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) goes into effect May 25, 2018 and applies to all foreign companies processing data of EU residents!

Non compliance can result in severe penalties of up to 4% of worldwide revenue! Companies must protect personal data including Name, Address, Photo, eMail, Bank details, Posts on social networking sites, medical information and IP addresses in their (Production and non-Production) environments.

What does the Axis GDPR solution include?

The Axis GDPR Solutions a a proven solution to create a repeatable data masking process to secure personal data in non-production environments.  This service offerings was specifically designed on meeting GDPR requirements.

  1. GDPR Data Masking Assessment – The Axis team will identify all data processing applications that store or transmit EU personal data and define a roadmap to implement Privacy by Design using Data Masking.
  2. GDPR Masking Factory/Center of Excellence – Once all the sensitive data has been identified during the assessment, an integrated, repeatable, agile masking process using Delphix Masking is implemented and all personal data in non-production is protected.
  3. GDPR Masking Managed Service– Axis provides a service-level agreement to perform ongoing masking and on-boarding for the GDPR masking Factory/CoE.

The Axis GDPR Solution can be customized to handle anything from small to larger scale environments as required.

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