Companies in every line of business have started to leverage the capabilities of AI to drive innovation and efficiency.  Predictive Analytics, Classification, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing are all being used to develop AI solutions to their respective domains.

The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

Two out of three AI projects are destined for failure.  The ones that succeed are often taking up to a year, too long for the rapid competitive business environment.  Data is the fuel of Artificial Intelligence.  The secret of AI success is large amounts of quality data which can be iterated on to achieve success.

  • Over 95 percent of organizations find preparation and aggregation of big datasets a major challenge.
  • Data exploration and integrative model training is issue for over 90 percent of organizations.
  • The multitude of AI and Big Data technologies required for success add to organizations learning curve and project complexity.

Organizations seeking to build successful AI project face a multitude of challenges including: organization silos, data silos, data science and engineering divisions, data and AI technology impediments.  Axis can provide the unified teams and technologies to speed the pathway to AI project success.

 AI Projects

Whether your company is at the beginning of its Big Data journey or looking to operationalize your AI project, Axis can provide you with the teams, technologies and services to accelerate your projects and insure your success.