Our Data Privacy Solutions

Let our experts implement data privacy solutions that fit your enterprise. They are repeatable, scalable and provide the support and service your DevOps teams need to keep your organization compliant.

You can implement data privacy solutions on one database ad hoc, but if you need to do a hundred or a thousand, you need our proven methodology that is repeatable, automated, and easy to adopt. Based on over 20 years of experience, we design a process that secures your data wherever you need it.

Effective data privacy products replace sensitive data with realistic but fictitious data. Our solutions can quickly implement these products to secure tens or hundreds of databases or files, providing realistic data your development teams need to create high-quality applications.

We use machine learning based tools to find your sensitive data in all your enterprise data stores.  We then present you with a map of where your sensitive data is stored, how much you have and what the level of risk you have of exposing sensitive data.

We understand that you need to use large amounts of data to run your business. Using our Delphix based automated virtualization solution, you’ll be able to provide each developer or tester with complete datasets on demand with the ability to rollback or forward as needed.

Are you ready for CCPA compliance? California’s extensive consumer privacy act compels important consumer data protections with significant financial penalties for a company’s failure to comply and protect.  Let Axis help secure your data so your organization’s processes are CCPA compliant and avoid costly mistakes.

Axis solutions allow companies to comply with the key requirements of the GDPR “Privacy by Design and by Default”. Enterprises must manage how data is collected “by design” in their applications and “by default”, in their business processes and consumer interactions. Axis’ data privacy expertise ensures GDPR compliance.