Case Study: Masking Deadline


Our client is one of the largest credit unions in the United States and has over $12 billion in assets and more than 850,000 members with an established IT infrastructure. They have both custom and packaged applications running on primarily Oracle, SQL Server databases, and flat files.


  • A 6-week deadline for masking 9 applications, including feed files, that were needed for testing and development: Competitors estimated 18-24 weeks to mask all the 9 in-scope applications
  • No consensus existed on how sensitive data attributes were to be masked
  • Lack of internal resources with the appropriate skill set for masking
  • Little time for analyzing the impacts masking can have on application teams’ development timelines


The Axis Data Services team was engaged to deliver the masking of the in-scope applications in 6 weeks. Using Delphix Masking, the team accomplished the following:

  • Profiled all database schemas and file formats for 13 separate databases
  • Reviewed sensitive data inventories with application subject matter experts
    Discovered and masked PII in all database schemas and files
  • Supported troubleshooting and issue research during sanity testing of applications with masked data Provided documentation for all custom configurations and job setups required to support masking Provided data masking best practices to information security and application teams


We set up the Axis Data Masking Factory solution and it delivered outstanding results:

  • Axis profiled and masked 662 tables, 3,507 columns, and 680 million rows of data in 6 weeks
  • Client can continue masking activities with minimal support from Axis after the initial engagement
  • Client continued working with Axis to provide transition support and masking expertise after the initial engagement
  • Client stakeholders were able to implement masking on-demand for their non-production data needs Client was able to successfully apply their corporate data security standards to the software development environment to meet audit requirements

Axis profiled and masked 662 tables, 3,507 columns, and 680 million rows of data in 6 weeks!