Axis Data Quarterly – Q1 2020

You've Been Hacked

A previous finding in Cost of a Data Breach from last quarter’s newsletter was that the odds that an organization will experience a data breach increases year to year. Data breaches caused by malicious attacks are on average the most common, the costliest, and the most difficult to contain. Right now, countless organizations are experiencing the horrors associated with compromised data every minute of every day. Uber, LinkedIn, Facebook; these are just a few of the successful giants that have dealt with such a fate

Love the Process and Results will Follow

Process Design Tips for Success

Whenever you design a new process at any company, you will encounter some form of resistance either from upper management, outside teams or the team you are designing the process for. These psychological challenges can cost the success of your process. Designing a process not only entails the technical implementations but also the psychological acceptance from the people who will implement or follow the process.


Why should your company start investing in DevOps?

The world is accelerating in the pace of technological innovation. One of the reasons for that is computing power, but the other is in the speed and sophistication of how we communicate and work together. As the complexity of software development increases so too does the disconnect between the business problem and the technical solution employed to fix that problem. “DevOps” (a merging of the words “Development” and “Operations”) is becoming more widely adopted as companies look for ways to better operationalize how these two functional teams should work together. Agile practitioners define it as “The practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.” DevOps as a term means different things to different organizations, but fundamentally they all use some form of automation to bridge the gaps between how your business innovates and how it operates. Simply put, technology can is an effective liaison between two teams who communicate and work differently.

Axis has Software Too!

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To support our data privacy solutions Axis provides software solutions that extend and increase the value you get from your existing products. Check them out:

Delphix Mainframe Masking Plug-in

Delphix Jira Workflow Templates

Delphix Mysql Virtualization Plug-in 

Delphix Mongodb Virtualization Plug-in

Delphix Mariadb Virtualization Plug-in

Axis Technology, LLC

Axis Technology, LLC is a leading Data Security firm based in Boston. We work with clients worldwide architecting and implementing solutions that speed up access to secure data. Axis has built a reputation as experts in Data Security solutions using next-generation software products that get the job done fast. Almost 20 years ago we started doing custom data security solutions for our financial services clients in Boston and New York City. As time went on, we built a data privacy product DMsuite, which became popular in both the financial services and healthcare markets. Eventually, we sold DMsuite to Delphix and now focus all of our energy on helping Fortune 500 companies secure and provision their data faster than ever before!