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Cyber Security starts by identifying your sensitive data and then securing it everywhere using proven processes and tools.

Data Security

Masking, Identity Mgt

Security Services

– Data Masking Implementation
– Identity & Entitlement Management
– Data Security Architecture

Application Security

RSA Archer, Wolters-Kluwer

Application Services

– Application Penetration Testing
– Hybrid Assessment
– E-GRC Deployment

Secure Software Development


SSDL Services

– Secure Dev Roadmap
– Secure Tool Strategy
– Development Maturity Analysis

Cyber Security Projects

  • Independent annual Cyber Risk Assessment: Thorough assessment of vulnerabilities related to all digital assets.
  • Pen testing on software products.
  • Internal Audits customized to your business.
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning


  • Eliminate the risk of a data breach by masking or securing sensitive data
  • Company-wide disaster recovery plans for all critical systems, applications, infrastructure, facilities, people, and business processes.
  • We look at all the risks including those associated with supply chain, regulatory compliance, as well as industry-specific threats.
  • We include strategy, organizational structure, reporting metrics and governance in all our projects