Have you bought a data masking product and need to deploy it?   Axis has been a recognized leader in Data Masking for over 10 years and have unparalleled experience with Delphix Masking.

Data Masking Projects
  • Cloud Masking – mask your data before you move it to Amazon AWS or other clouds
  • Sensitive Data Landscape – profile all your data sources to have a clear view of where sensitive data is stored and what needs to be masked.
  • Data Masking tool Selection. – select the best data masking tool suited to your environment, Delphix, Informatica, IBM Optim or Oracle Masking
  • Data Masking Center of Excellence – Create an in-house shared service to speed up your masking program.
  • Managed Masking Services – We can provide you a team that can mask 10, 100 or 1000 databases for you quickly and cost effectively.
  • We have data masking in our DNA and can integrate masking products into your environment for an automated solution.
  • Ensure access appropriate to role by securing sensitive data in less controlled non-production environments.
  • Enable secure offshore or third party resources since development/testing environments have secured sensitive information.
  • We can provide you expert implementation teams to secure your sensitive data ( PII, PHI ).