Axis’ Compliance, Risk & Governance framework implements a holistic regulatory platform to create a sustainable program providing transparency & mitigating risks.  It incorporates process and technology components that allow organizations at any level of maturity to be successful.

Compliance Projects
  • CCAR: We can provide teams to help you prepare for the annual assessment including the 3 Stress Scenarios — Baseline, Adverse, and Severely Adverse.  We can perform program management and implement system integration and reporting projects.
  • AML : Provide Examination Preparation, Transaction Review/Look-back/Investigation and assist in the implementation of the program.  Provide insight into any gaps in the AML program and mitigate risk by performing assessment prior to formal audit.
  • Provide your team with the AML project experience they need
  • Provide management meaningful reporting and risk management.
  • Enables ownership and accountability.